Everything You Need to Know About Najran Region in Saudi Arabia

May 22, 2024

امارة نجران

Najran is one of the prominent regions within the administrative divisions of Saudi Arabia, comprising nearly seven affiliated governorates. In this article, we will delve into the history of the Province, its main governorates, and geographical information.

History and Origin of the Name

Najran is one of the historically significant regions in the Arabian Peninsula, fertile ground for many ancient civilizations that settled there thousands of years ago. This is evident from the rock inscriptions in the Hima area, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. These inscriptions depict hunting scenes and the lifestyle of an ancient culture that lasted for about 7,000 years. The Al-Ukhdood archaeological site dates back to the first millennium BCE and continued until the end of the 4th century CE, containing historical remnants such as forts, stone buildings, and inscriptions that narrate the stories of the people of the trench mentioned in the Quran. Historically, Najran was the main station for all trade routes connecting the southern Arabian Peninsula with the Levant, serving as a route for caravans carrying spices and incense.

Geographical Information

Najran ranks eleventh among the regions of Saudi Arabia in terms of population, with approximately 592,300 residents according to the 2022 Saudi census, making up about 1.8% of the total population. The population density is around 4 people per square kilometer. The area covers approximately 130,000 square kilometers, representing 6.6% of the kingdom's total area.


Najran is one of the most important regions in the Arabian Peninsula, located in the southwestern part of Saudi Arabia, bordering Yemen, within the eastern parts of the Arabian Shield. Its area is about 360,000 square kilometers, and its population is estimated at around 505,000 people. The capital is the city of Najran, mentioned in ancient Sabaean texts, where "Najran" means "wooden beam" or "carpenter."


The climate of Najran varies due to its diverse terrain. Generally, it experiences hot summers with rainfall in the mountainous areas, and mild to cool winters. Average temperatures range between 14 and 37 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Eastern winds prevail in winter, eastern and southeastern winds in spring, and northeastern winds in summer, with an average wind speed of 6.6 km/h.

Cities and Governorates in Najran

Najran Governorate

Najran is a governorate in southwestern Saudi Arabia, bordering Yemen. Its area is 360,000 square kilometers, with a population of 505,652 according to the 2010 statistics.

Sharurah Governorate

Located south of Najran, known as the "Bride of the Empty Quarter," Sharurah has around 85,977 inhabitants. It includes centers like Al-Wadi'ah, Qalameh Khajeem, Al-Akhashem, Umm Al-Baramil, Hamra Nathil, Umm Ghuweir, and Qalameh Sultan, along with several government centers such as the general prison unit, judicial complexes, the Ministry of Agriculture office, and road security centers.

Habouna Governorate

Situated on the banks of Wadi Habouna in northern Najran, Habouna spans an area of 850 square kilometers, with a population of about 20,000 people. The governorate is known for historical landmarks like the towering Khalif Castle and ancient inscriptions in the Baram area. It includes various centers and villages, such as Al-Majma, Al-Hassaniyah, Al-Jafah, and Al-Harash.

Thar Governorate

Located 120 kilometers northeast of Najran, Thar has a population of about 20,000 people. It includes five main centers: Qattan, Tala'a Hima, Al-Ain, Al-Safah, and Al-Qarin. The governorate features diverse terrains, from mountain ranges and flat plains to sand dunes and valleys.

Yadamah Governorate

Nestled in the green landscapes of northwest Najran, Yadamah is 180 kilometers from the regional capital. It covers an area of 11,980 square kilometers and includes vibrant centers and villages like Al-Lijam, Wasat, Al-Arf, Al-Wajeed, Al-Sahn, Sultanah, Umm Aniqa, Al-Salai'ah, Al-Jafrah, Al-Kawkab, Al-Salihiyah, Al-Zamla, Manadi, and Na'wan.

Badr Al-Janoub Governorate

This governorate in Najran ranks second lowest in population, with 7,991 residents, accounting for just 1.3% of the region's population according to the 2022 Saudi census. It falls under Category B governorates and is 160 kilometers northwest of Najran's capital. It comprises five administrative centers: Haddadah, Al-Khanq, Al-Rahab, Ldmah, and Al-Arj.

Khabash Governorate

Situated 64 kilometers from Najran, Khabash has around 5,000 residents, embodying the serene charm of traditional rural life.


By visiting Najran, one can explore its rich historical heritage and diverse geographical landscapes, making it a unique destination in Saudi Arabia.


منطقة نجران
امارة نجران
امارات السعودية
المناطق الادارية السعودية

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