Başakşehir District in Istanbul: The Top Investment Destination

January 16, 2024

منطقة باشاك شهير

Let's explore Başakşehir district in this article prepared by Skyline Real Estate. We have highlighted the most important aspects that pique your interest, including the area's features, key landmarks, detailed statistics, and official figures on housing and investment. We'll start with some general information to introduce you to Başakşehir.

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Discover Başakşehir

Here are the key details you need to know about the area:

Where is Başakşehir Located?

Başakşehir is situated on the European side of Istanbul. It has a central location, bordered to the north by Arnavutköy and Eyüp Sultan, to the northeast by Sultangazi, and to the east by Esenler. To the south, it is adjacent to Bağcılar, Küçükçekmece, and Avcılar, while the western edge borders Esenyurt.

Distance to Key Locations:

  • Taksim: 29 km (31-35 minutes by car)
  • Fatih: 21 km (20-24 minutes by car)
  • New Istanbul Airport: 30 km (26-30 minutes by car)
  • Bosphorus Strait: 30 km (28-35 minutes by car)

Area and Population

Başakşehir covers an area of approximately 104 square kilometers, with a significant portion comprising green spaces and beautiful forests. As of early 2022, the population was around 470,000, marking a 2.1% increase from the previous year.

Popular Neighborhoods

Key neighborhoods in Başakşehir include:

  • İkitelli
  • Bahçeşehir
  • Altınşehir
  • Kayabaşı
  • Şahintepe

Başakşehir: A Favorite Among Arabs

Over the past five years, Başakşehir has become a popular choice for Arab residents in Turkey, particularly in 2020 and 2021. This trend continues in 2022 due to several reasons:

  • Modern residential complexes
  • Strong infrastructure
  • Numerous Arabic and international schools
  • Abundant markets and shopping malls
  • Many job opportunities
  • Well-connected transportation network
  • Significant government attention and services
  • Ease of integration into the community

Features of Başakşehir, Istanbul

Moving from brief details to a more comprehensive discussion, let's explore the main features that attract people to Başakşehir for ownership and investment.

Peace and Security

Despite being a bustling central district, Başakşehir offers plenty of peace and tranquility due to its proximity to rural areas. Within minutes, you can move from the city's hustle to serene villages or beautiful forests. The area is also known for its safety, with low crime rates and high cultural and educational standards among residents. The Ministry of Interior ensures security due to its tourism significance and important landmarks.

Abundant Services and Entertainment Centers

Başakşehir boasts extensive service and entertainment facilities, making it attractive to residents and visitors alike. These include:

  • Sports fields, gyms, swimming pools, cultural centers, and theaters provided by the municipality.
  • All essential government institutions and branches.
  • Major commercial malls like Mall of Istanbul and 212 Outlet.
  • Diverse local bazaars.
  • Atatürk Olympic Stadium.
  • Europe's largest medical city.

Easy Transportation

Başakşehir has a robust transportation network, including:


  • The "Basın Eksp

Basın Ekspres" road, a major artery connecting E5 and North Marmara Highway, crucial for Istanbul's new real estate investments.

  • The E-80 highway passing through Bahçeşehir.


  • M3 Metro line connecting Bakirkoy and Kayaşehir.
  • Transfers available from Bakirkoy to M1, Mahmutbey to M7, and İkitelli to M9 lines.
  • Future connection to the M11 Metro line, reaching the new Istanbul Airport via Kayaşehir station.


Numerous bus lines connect Başakşehir with surrounding neighborhoods, including:

78C, 79Ş, 82S, 98KM, 143, 146B, 146K, 146M, 79E, 78ZB, 89C, 98, 76O, 79FY, MK12, MK13, MK14, MK15, MK22, 36F.

Minibuses (Dolmuş):

Popular minibus routes for local transportation within Başakşehir include A06, A47, A48.

Demographic Composition

According to Başakşehir Civil Registry Office statistics, the area has a youthful and sophisticated population:

Average Age:

  • Children (0-14 years): 27.3%
  • Youth (15-35 years): 32.4%
  • Adults (36-55 years): 29.8%
  • Seniors (55+ years): 10.5%

Marital Status:

  • Married: 64.1%
  • Single: 29.8%
  • Divorced: 3.4%
  • Widowed: 2.7%

Education Level:

High educational attainment with no notable illiteracy. Approximately 35% hold university degrees.

Key Landmarks in Başakşehir

İbn Haldun University:

  • Ottoman-style architecture reflecting Turkey's historical and cultural heritage.
  • Offers courses in Arabic, English, and Turkish.
  • Provides numerous annual scholarships and supports scientific research.
  • Organizes cultural and scientific activities with excellent student housing.

People's Park:

  • 360,000 square meters, the largest park in Turkey and among the biggest in Europe.
  • Features Europe's largest artificial lake with advanced self-cleaning technology.
  • Home to 5,750 trees and 160 types of herbs and flowers.
  • Designated areas for family gatherings and solo relaxation.
  • Paths for walking, running, and cycling totaling approximately 6,000 meters.
  • Includes a zoo and a large, diverse library.

Başakşehir Square:

  • Istanbul's largest municipal square, twice the size of Taksim Square.
  • Known as "Yeni Kent Square" in its locality.
  • Covers 60,000 square meters with a comprehensive health center.
  • A vibrant area with shopping centers, luxury restaurants, cafes, and various entertainment facilities.
  • Well-served by public transport.

Medical City:

  • Europe's largest medical city with 2 million square meters and over 2,680 beds.
  • Recognized for "green building" design, adhering to health quality standards, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly practices.
  • Played a crucial role in combating COVID-19 since its opening in 2020.

Atatürk Olympic Stadium:

  • Known as the "Olympic Stadium," one of Istanbul's largest.
  • Rated as a "five-star" stadium by European standards with over 92,000 seats.
  • Regularly hosts major local and international sports events.

Başakşehir Central Mosque:

  • The largest mosque in Başakşehir, near the People's Park and central square.
  • Accommodates over 5,000 worshippers.
  • A significant cultural landmark reflecting the community's conservative nature.

Mall of Istanbul:

  • Istanbul's largest and most famous shopping center.
  • Attractive architectural design with extensive shopping and entertainment services.
  • Includes residential, hotel, office, and corporate sections.
  • Features an amusement park and hosts a range of international and local brands.
  • Offers luxury cafes and restaurants.

Living in Başakşehir, Istanbul

Many seek to buy apartments in Başakşehir due to its dual appeal for residence and investment. Here's why:

Advantages of Living in Başakşehir

  • High-end residential complexes with comprehensive social and recreational services.
  • Large Arab community facilitating ease of adaptation and job opportunities.
  • Numerous Arabic schools and healthcare centers.
  • Rich with malls, markets, and transport links.
  • Beautiful green nature and secure environment.

Average Property Prices

  • Rural areas: 8,045 TL/m² (750,000-900,000 TL for 100 m²)
  • Central areas: 11,000 TL/m² (1-1.2 million TL for 100 m²)
  • Residential complexes: 13,500 TL/m² (1.3-1.5 million TL for 100 m²)

Average Monthly Rent

  • Rural areas: 33.5 TL/m² (3,000-3,500 TL for 100 m²)
  • Central areas: 45.8 TL/m² (3,800-5,200 TL for 100 m²)
  • Residential complexes: 56.2 TL/m² (4,900-6,300 TL for 100 m²)

Real Estate Investment in Başakşehir

Investing in Başakşehir properties is a leading trend among investors due to its promising prospects. Here's why:

Types of Real Estate Investments

  • Residential apartments
  • Touristic (furnished) apartments
  • Student housing
  • Commercial properties
  • Schools and commercial buildings
  • Suitable for Turkish citizenship acquisition

Investment Statistics

Property prices in Başakşehir increased by:

  • 22.6% in the first month of 2022
  • 179.3% over the past three years

Rental prices increased by:

  • 20.7% in the first month of 2022
  • 193.3% over the past three years

The average payback period is 20 years for residential properties and 18 years for commercial properties, a high return rate in real estate.

Skyline Real Estate has introduced one of Istanbul's most vital and attractive investment areas. We remain at your service to help you achieve your dream of owning property in Başakşehir or any other area in Istanbul, along with providing property management and many other beneficial services.


Başakşehir District
منطقة باشاك شهير

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