Which is better, real estate or gold?

January 10, 2024


Finding an answer to the question of which is better, real estate or gold, is on the minds of businessmen and investors in Turkey, or even those with capital looking to invest and achieve profitable returns.

If this question is bothering you, Skyline Real Estate will provide you with the answer presented by many economic experts. We will then discuss the investment opportunities in both types, and conclude our article by mentioning the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey.

We hope you find this follow-up beneficial and informative.

For investors in Turkey, which is better, real estate or gold?

Economic experts believe that investing in gold may be a profitable option for some investors due to the rise in the value of the US dollar. However, the reality is that it is a temporary and short-term investment, which makes the possibility of it being a losing investment very likely.

In contrast, investing in real estate is considered a long-term profitable investment due to the continuous rise in Turkish real estate prices. This is attributed to various factors, most notably the strength of the real estate sector in Turkey, and its status as a destination for many foreigners who continuously flock to it for work, study, or tourism purposes.

The most important factor is the significant government facilitations provided by the Turkish government to foreign investors who wish to own properties.

All these factors and more have led to a renaissance in the real estate sector in Turkey and prosperity in urban transformation projects, promising a bright future for this sector. This has led experts to refer to the current economic phase in Turkey as the "real estate season."

Therefore, the answer to the question of which is better, real estate or gold, from the perspective of economic experts, is real estate investment, undoubtedly.

Today, those who can buy properties in Turkey and manage their projects correctly may have made what they call a lifelong investment.

What are the areas of real estate investment in Turkey?

If you have decided on real estate investment, you will find many options available, such as:

Investing in residential properties:

This is often the preferred option for both local and foreign investors, especially since the value of residential properties of various types has witnessed a significant increase in recent years, especially since the decision to reduce interest rates on housing loans resulting from the general interest rate reduction law in Turkey.

It is worth mentioning here that real estate reports observe significant changes in the prices of residential apartments. Some have doubled in value by 100% in some of Turkey's major cities like Istanbul.

The reason for this is the modern design, international standards, and strong infrastructure of residential properties, making investing in them a smart choice with guaranteed profits.

Investing in commercial properties:

It is also one of the most important types of real estate investment in Turkey, attracting great interest from investors, which has led to an increase in its price, making it one of the most profitable investment options.

You can invest in commercial properties in Turkey by purchasing offices, industrial properties such as warehouses and storage centers, various types of retail stores, stores inside shopping malls, or hotels if you have a large capital.

Investing in agricultural properties:

The Turkish government supports agricultural investment and continuously works on its development, providing many facilities to those working in it, as agriculture is considered one of the country's most important economic resources.

Turkey is the world's leading country in producing many agricultural products such as figs, hazelnuts, raisins, dried apricots, cherries, and more.

In addition to having all the elements that ensure the success of agricultural investment, such as vast areas suitable for cultivation, abundance of water sources, and finally its very suitable strategic location for export.

What are the areas of gold investment in Turkey?

You can invest in gold in several areas, such as:

Buying shares in a gold mining company:

All you have to do here is buy a share of a gold mining company or a company specialized in extracting gold from the ground (i.e., not owning actual gold), to profit from this method by selling your shares later.

Investing in gold bullion:

This is a traditional investment that relies on the principle of buying gold bullion through one of the Turkish banks that provide the "gold trading" service, or through a company specialized in manufacturing and selling gold bullion.

Electronic gold trading:

This is done by opening a bank account for trading in one of the Turkish banks, and profit is usually made by buying gold when its price is low and selling it when it rises. This process can be completed using your mobile phone or personal computer.

Investing in gold coins:

Gold coin prices are often higher than those of regular gold, and weight, artistic value, rarity, and gold purity play a major role in determining the value of the gold coin.

Gold deposit certificates:

Which are based on the principle of buying certificates instead of actual gold, and these certificates are redeemable for cash or gold bullion. This idea is suitable for small investors.

What distinguishes real estate investment from gold investment?

When comparing these two types of investment, we find that real estate investment surpasses gold investment in several advantages, including:

  • The ability to buy properties on installment, as many companies rely on this method, which is considered a golden opportunity for anyone wishing to buy properties in Turkey. Those who choose the down payment method receive significant discounts on the price.
  • Ownership of properties in Turkey allows investors to obtain real estate residency for themselves, their spouses, and children under 18 years old.
  • The ability to apply for Turkish citizenship if the value of the properties you own exceeds $250,000.
  • The possibility of applying for a Turkish passport after obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  • Real estate prices are less affected by exchange rates, as Turkish real estate prices are evaluated only in the local currency.
  • The mandatory real estate valuation document protects those interested in owning properties in Turkey from any fraud or manipulation in property prices.
  • Lower Turkish real estate prices compared to their counterparts in European countries, unlike gold prices, which are globally uniform.
  • The significant government support for foreigners wishing to own properties in Turkey is manifested in the facilitation of property transfer procedures and the possibility of granting a real estate loan from one of its banks.

All that we have mentioned gives you more confidence that real estate investment surpasses gold investment in Turkey, and decisively answers the question that prompted you to search and read this article.

This concludes Skyline Real Estate's article, through which we provided you with a comprehensive answer to the question of which is better, real estate or gold, in addition to mentioning the investment areas for both types and explaining what distinguishes real estate investment from gold investment in Turkey.

If you want to know more about real estate in Turkey and how to invest in it, do not hesitate to contact us and inquire about everything related to real estate investment.


Which is better real estate or gold?
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