Turkish Citizenship for Palestinian Travel Document Holders

January 10, 2024


The topic of Turkish citizenship for Palestinians holding travel documents has been a subject of discussion in Turkey in recent times due to the increasing number of arrivals from abroad carrying travel documents.

At Skyline Real Estate, we wanted to dedicate this article to addressing the topic from all angles.

Whether opportunities are available for Palestinians to obtain Turkish citizenship, the methods involved, and other information about the reasons prompting Palestinians in Turkey to consider obtaining citizenship. We concluded the article by discussing living opportunities in Turkey and the available sectors for foreigners in general and Palestinians in particular.

It's an important article rich in valuable information.

We wish you a pleasant reading.

Information about Turkish Citizenship for Palestinian Travel Document Holders

Can I obtain Turkish citizenship even if I don't hold a passport but only a travel document?

This question is often asked by thousands of Palestinians in Turkey.

And the answer: Yes, you can definitely do so.

Here are some details specifically for them...

What is the travel document for Palestinians?

It is a document issued by some Arab countries where Palestinians have sought refuge, serving as an alternative to a passport. This document allows its holder to obtain visas from many countries worldwide. However, it has hindered Palestinians from obtaining many privileges, including property ownership in Turkey, until recently when Turkey addressed this issue and allowed them to own property.

Which countries have issued travel documents for Palestinians?

The governments of Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon have granted Palestinian refugees on their territories and their children travel documents instead of passports, as these countries do not allow them to obtain their nationality.

Does Turkey recognize the travel document for Palestinian refugees?

Turkey recognizes it as a travel document and grants residence permits, whether for tourism, study, or work. However, it did not allow holders to own property until March 2019 when a Turkish law was issued allowing Palestinians from this category to own property. Thus, obtaining Turkish citizenship for Palestinians holding travel documents became easier by owning properties in Turkey.

The percentage of Palestinian ownership in Turkey has increased significantly in recent times after allowing holders of travel documents to purchase properties in Turkey legally and without any obstacles.

Available Turkish Citizenship Routes for Palestinians

All opportunities available for foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship are open to Palestinians, whether they hold passports or travel documents, including:

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Palestinian investors are entitled to obtain Turkish citizenship like any foreign investor in Turkey through the following methods:

  • Real estate investment or purchase of real estate worth at least $400,000
  • Bank deposit of at least $500,000 US dollars
  • Investment in non-real estate sectors in Turkey worth $500,000 US dollars
  • Employment of 50 Turkish citizens

Turkish citizenship for Palestinians holding travel documents has been available through the above methods since 2019, once the conditions for each type are met.

Naturalization of Palestinian Residents in Turkey

Turkish citizenship is one of the advantages of obtaining certain types of residence permits in Turkey, as follows:

Type of ResidenceQualification Period for Turkish Citizenship
Long-term residenceMust reside in Turkey for 8 consecutive years
Family residence

Must be enjoyed for 3 consecutive years.

Granted to those who marry a Turkish citizen>

Work residence in TurkeyMust be enjoyed for 5 consecutive years


After the required period for each residence, the Immigration Department may contact you to offer Turkish citizenship, or you can apply yourself either directly by contacting the Immigration Directorate in Ankara or through the "E-devlet" electronic government portal.

Exceptional Turkish Citizenship for Palestinians

Turkish law grants exceptional citizenship to all foreigners who excel in specific fields of life, such as economics, politics, arts, sports, etc., and are believed to add positive value to Turkey and contribute to its development.

This type of citizenship is nominated by members of the Turkish Parliament or by the President of the Republic of Turkey, and then the naturalization procedures are followed normally.

In general, obtaining Turkish citizenship for Palestinians holding travel documents is available and preferred for them more than obtaining any other European or Western citizenship.

Now that we have provided you with the most important ways available for Palestinians in Turkey to obtain citizenship, whether as residents, investors, creatives, or academics, we must talk about the reasons that drive Palestinians in Turkey to consider obtaining citizenship of this country.

Why do Palestinians prefer Turkish citizenship?

There are many reasons motivating Palestinians to consider permanent settlement in Turkey and enjoy its citizenship and full rights as Turkish citizens, including:

Cultural affinity between Turkey and Palestine

The closeness between the Turkish and Palestinian communities and the sympathy of Turks with the Palestinian cause make Palestinians welcome in Turkish territories, not only at the governmental level but also at the popular level.

This facilitates adaptation and coexistence for the Palestinian community in Turkey. Tens of thousands of Palestinians in Turkey have already been able to integrate with the Turkish people, participate actively in life, engage in cultural exchange, and participate in various events that bring together Turks and Palestinians.

Opportunities available to Palestinians in Turkey

Turkey is a promising country, with its exports and trade opportunities increasing significantly annually, making it a preferred destination for those aspiring to excel in many fields of work.

Palestinians in Turkey have excelled greatly in various economic, commercial, and service sectors in recent years, bringing them benefits and significant profits. We all witness the growth of Palestinian activities and investments in Turkey day by day.

Therefore, the drive towards Turkish citizenship for Palestinians holding travel documents is the desire for stability in this country to ensure the sustainability of profits and gains securely.

The large Arab community in Turkey

Also, the positive interaction of the Palestinian community in Turkish territories is due to the presence of large numbers of other Arab communities, which facilitates life and provides a consumer market for many needed investments and trades. In addition, it increases the affection and attachment to staying in this country.

In addition to the Palestinian community, Turkey hosts millions of Arabs from various Arab nationalities such as Syrians, Iraqis, Libyans, Egyptians, Yemenis, etc.

The rights Palestinians holding travel documents dream of

Obtaining Turkish citizenship is an important dream for them to obtain a second nationality instead of living in refugee conditions and having no officially recognized documents in all countries worldwide. Even the documents they hold are not considered sufficient in many transactions outside of refugee countries.

Therefore, obtaining Turkish citizenship represents a good idea to get rid of the constraints of asylum and the exceptional circumstances experienced by refugees, and to possess a nationality that allows them to enter dozens of other countries, opening up broad horizons for travel, work, study, investment, and other advantages.


This article was a comprehensive report on Turkish citizenship for Palestinians holding travel documents to inform you about important details on this topic and to obtain all the information regarding this aspect. Skyline Real Estate is committed to educating its followers and clarifying all legal and procedural matters that concern you.


الجنسية التركية للفلسطينيين
Turkish Citizenship for Palestinian

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