Tabuk Province

March 29, 2024

Wadi Al Disah

History and etymology

The history of the Tabuk region dates back to about 500 years B.C., where it was known by the ancient name "Tabu". Tabuk, along with the city of Al-Ula, was the capital of the Ayyalists at the time. The Tabuk region is believed to have been part of the "land of Madin" or "Dadan" mentioned in the Holy books. There is no shortage of evidence of historical facts and events in the region, as it is characterized by historical monuments, some of which date back to the period before the advent of Islam and some to its aftermath. Tabuk was a corridor for commercial caravans passing from south to north, and the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) prophesied that Muadh bin Jabal might witness a day when the heavens would be filled with the most beautiful gardens, showing the natural and cultural richness of the region.

Area and Population

The population of the Tabuk region is 886,036 people according to the 2022 census of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Tabuk ranks eighth in the Kingdom in terms of population, with 637,601 Saudis (72%), while non-Saudis (28%)

The area of the Tabuk region is 117,000 square kilometers, representing about 5% of the Kingdom's area. The city of Tabuk covers an area of 30,000 hectares, and Tabuk is considered the northern gateway to Saudi Arabia because of its border with Jordan.


The Tabuk region enjoys a privileged geographical location as it overlooks the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba to the west, making it have long and attractive sea beaches. Thanks to this strategic location, several small ports such as Umluj, Duba, and Al Wajh have sprung up, playing an important role in the economic activity of the region. This economic role of ports is expected to develop significantly in the coming years, adding to the region's economic growth and prosperity potential.

Cities and governorates of the region

Tayma Governorate

Tayma, a governorate in the Tabuk region of northwestern Saudi Arabia, is distinguished by its magnificent historical and archaeological sites. It is located about 265 kilometers southeast of the city of Tabuk, and is connected by excellent roads to other areas such as Al-Medinah, Hail, and Al-Jawf. Its oldest stone carvings date back thousands of years, making it one of the most important historical tourist destinations in the Kingdom.

Duba Governorate

Located in Saudi Arabia, Duba is one of its coastal provinces on the Red Sea. It falls within the Tabuk region in the northwestern part of the Kingdom, bordered from north to south by Wadi Kafafa and Wadi Salma, in addition to the village of Al-Amud. The vast area of the province covers about eight thousand and sixty-four hectares, and its population is more than one hundred and fifty thousand people.

Al-Wajh Governorate

Al-Wajh Governorate is considered one of the governorates of the distinctive Tabuk region, as it is located on the coasts of the Red Sea in the west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Historically, Al-Wajh was an ancient settlement known for its rich history and heritage. Today, Al-Wajh has become a premium global investment destination, making it the focus of attention of investors and visitors alike. It ranks third in population within the Tabuk region, with an estimated population of 49,948.

Haql Governorate

Haql Governorate, one of the governorates of the Tabuk region in northwestern Saudi Arabia, has the distinction of being one of the least populated in the region, according to the latest official statistics. Its population constitutes only 3.1% of the total population of the region, numbering about 27,712 people, according to the latest census.

Haql Governorate is located in the far northwest of the Kingdom, on the Saudi-Jordanian border, about 250 kilometers from the emirate's center, the city of Tabuk. Haql Governorate, along with Al-Bidaa Governorate, constitutes the coastal strip of the Kingdom overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba, and is the meeting point of the north of the Kingdom with three countries, namely the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Arab Republic of Egypt, and Palestine. It is bordered to the east by the city of Tabuk, to the south by the province of Al-Bida, to the west by the Gulf of Aqaba, and to the north by the border with Jordan.

Umluj Governorate

Umluj Governorate, one of the coastal governorates of the Tabuk region in northwestern Saudi Arabia, is considered one of the targeted locations for its development as a global tourist destination and a leading investment area in the Kingdom by 2022. The province includes an archipelago of 103 natural islands on the Red Sea coasts.

It is bordered to the north by the city of Al-Wajh, to the south by the city of Yanbu, and to the west by the Red Sea. Umluj ranks second in population within the Tabuk region, with an area of about 16,000 square kilometers, and about 69,656 people live in it.

Al Bida Governorate

Al-Bida is an important archaeological site in the Tabuk region of Saudi Arabia, and is home to the Median people mentioned in the Holy Quran. Originally an oasis located in the middle of Wadi Afal, it features a historical legacy that reflects aspects of the religious, social and economic life of the region during the BC and early Islamic periods.

Today, the name Al Bida refers to the geographical scope located on the northern coast of the Tabuk region, overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea together. This area belongs to the province of Al-Bida, which belongs to the Tabuk region.


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امارة تبوك
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