Real Estate for Sale in Eyup Sultan

January 30, 2024


Searching for real estate for sale in Eyüp Sultan is an excellent option for anyone looking to buy property in Turkey. This area is one of the most significant parts of the European side of Istanbul and is known for its rich historical heritage, evident in its numerous historical and archaeological sites.

If you decide to buy property in this area, you have chosen one of the most beautiful locations. To assist you in making an informed decision, this article will provide essential information about Eyüp Sultan, such as the benefits of living there, the investment potential, and an overview of its main tourist attractions and amenities.

Why Look for Real Estate for Sale in Eyüp Sultan?

Before starting your search for property in this area, ask yourself what your goal is. Are you looking for a place to live or an investment opportunity?

Living in Eyüp Sultan

If you are considering living in this area, you should know that you will be surrounded by a religious and historical atmosphere, quite different from the lifestyle offered by other parts of Istanbul. Many foreign residents find it appealing to settle here due to its numerous advantages, including its central location, proximity to transportation links like the Metrobus, and its tranquil environment near the coastline.

Real Estate Investment in Eyüp Sultan

The historical significance of this area has made it a hotspot for foreign investors, particularly for commercial and tourism investments. The demand for rental properties is high due to its tourist attractions, schools, universities, shopping centers, and excellent transportation options.

The recent urban development has significantly boosted property prices, encouraging more investors to consider Eyüp Sultan.

Advantages of Buying Property in Eyüp Sultan

Before purchasing property in any part of Istanbul, you should be well-informed about its benefits. Here are the main advantages of buying real estate in Eyüp Sultan:

  • The conservative or Islamic nature of the area makes it a primary destination for many foreigners, especially Arabs.
  • Its advanced infrastructure is on par with other major areas of the city.
  • While it retains its old architectural charm, there are also modern development projects.
  • Proximity to the new Istanbul Airport, just 37 km away.
  • Close to Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, about 50 km away.
  • Despite all these benefits, property prices are very reasonable.

Property Prices in Eyüp Sultan

Property prices in Eyüp Sultan vary significantly depending on the location and property specifications. There are both older, traditionally designed properties and newly built luxury residential complexes. For instance, the price of a 100 square meter apartment in a residential complex can differ by more than 300,000 Turkish Lira compared to one outside the complex.

Amenities in Eyüp Sultan

Schools and Universities

Eyüp Sultan has both public and private schools, with free enrollment for foreigners. Notable schools include Imam Hatip Schools, which focus on Islamic studies, and Amjad Al-Orouba School, recognized by both the Turkish and Libyan Ministries of Education. There are also Zindeh Turkish Private Schools offering curriculums in Turkish and English.

Nearby universities include Haliç University, Bahçeşehir University, Altınbaş University, and Istanbul Aydın University.

Hospitals and Health Centers

The area is well-served by medical facilities, such as Eyüp Government Hospital and Avrupa Şafak Private Hospital.

Malls and Markets

Eyüp Sultan offers various shopping options, including:

  • Forum Istanbul Mall: Known for its wide range of stores featuring famous brands and affordable prices.
  • Axis Istanbul Mall: A smaller mall near Eyüp Sultan, housing many essential shops.

Transportation in Eyüp Sultan

Eyüp Sultan is well-connected by various transportation options:

  • Metro: The metro system is the fastest way to travel in the city, encouraging real estate investment. Each station has designated waiting areas and time displays.
  • Metrobus: The metrobus is a vital transportation link, connecting various parts of the city without traffic congestion due to its dedicated lanes.
  • Marine Transport: You can reach Eyüp Sultan by sea from areas like Üsküdar on the Asian side or Eminönü.

Famous Places in Eyüp Sultan

Eyüp Sultan Mosque

One of Turkey's most important mosques, known for its Turkish architectural style and housing the tomb of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. The mosque’s courtyard features a centuries-old tree and a dozen domes supported by twelve columns.

Cable Car

Take a ride on the cable car for a scenic view of the area. The ride is short, lasting just 2.5 minutes, and covers 384 meters, with over 3,500 tourists using it daily.

Vialand Theme Park

One of the most famous amusement parks in the Middle East, Vialand is a major tourist attraction. It’s suitable for all family members, featuring around 50 different rides, restaurants, and shops.

Important Information About Eyüp Sultan

  • Eyüp Sultan is a significant district on the European side of Istanbul, established in 1936.
  • It covers an area of 242 square kilometers and has a population exceeding 384,000.
  • The district is named after the companion of the Prophet Muhammad, Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, who is buried there.
  • Most residents are conservative Turks.
  • It attracts tourists annually due to its historical and cultural treasures.

Nearby Areas

Understanding the geographical location of Eyüp Sultan and its surrounding areas is crucial:

  • East: Sarıyer
  • Southeast: Beyoğlu
  • South: Zeytinburnu and Fatih
  • Southwest: Osmanbey
  • West: Arnavutköy

Looking for Real Estate in Eyüp Sultan?

If you are interested in buying property in Eyüp Sultan or other parts of Istanbul, feel free to contact us for the best real estate opportunities and investment options that suit your preferences. Our real estate consultant is waiting for you.


Real Estate for Sale in Eyüp Sultan
عقارات للبيع في ايوب سلطان

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