Top 10 Malls in Istanbul

February 15, 2024


Skyline Real Estate invites you on an enjoyable tour through this article to visit the top 10 malls in Istanbul. If you're eager to learn about them, follow along with the next sections. We hope you have a pleasant read.

Explore the Top Ten Malls in Istanbul:

Markets, shopping centers, and malls are among the primary destinations for locals, tourists, and all newcomers to Istanbul. They are not just places for shopping and meeting needs; they also offer plenty of entertainment and fun. In the following paragraphs, you can learn about the most important ones:

Venice Mall

Everyone who visits this mall is impressed by its stunning architectural design. Regularly visited by both locals and tourists, it is considered one of Istanbul's top tourist attractions. When you visit, you'll feel as if you are in Venice, Italy, thanks to its closely resembling design, complete with bridges over waterways. You can take a unique boat tour within these canals. This mall is located on the European side of Istanbul, specifically in the Gaziosmanpaşa area, offering a variety of shops suitable for everyone, featuring top global brands.

Mall of Istanbul

When discussing this mall, we're talking about one of Istanbul's most significant malls. Despite its recent establishment, it has achieved great fame and distinction. You’ll need more than a day to explore it fully. It houses over 350 stores with numerous brands that continually attract tourists. Beyond shopping, it offers a wealth of leisure and enjoyment. The mall regularly hosts exhibitions and festivals showcasing various arts and cultures. Located in Başakşehir on the European side of Istanbul, it provides important services such as first aid, restrooms, free and paid parking, and ATMs.

Vadistanbul Mall

Opened in 2017, this modern mall serves as a place for shopping, entertainment, and living. It features over 270 diverse stores, including clothing for all family members, important restaurants offering delicious meals, a children’s play area, and a unique view of the Belgrade Forest. Upon entering, you’ll notice a lake with several fountains, adding a special and distinctive atmosphere.

Cevahir Mall (Arab Mall)

Located on the European side of Istanbul in the Şişli district, Cevahir Mall is one of Istanbul's best malls and is often referred to as the Arab Mall due to its popularity among Arab visitors. One of its notable features is a huge clock installed on its glass ceiling. The mall has around 300 diverse stores, 3 cinemas, and several nearby hotels. Opened in 2005, it has gained significant fame and is among Europe’s top malls. You’ll find exquisite restaurants offering delicious international cuisines, all designed with modern elegance.

Kanyon Mall

Situated in the Levent area on the European side, this modern and stylish mall spans about 37,000 square meters with around 160 stores. It offers an enjoyable and luxurious experience with dedicated children’s play areas, parking, and cinemas.

Aqua Florya Mall

Opened in 2012, this mall spans 50,000 square meters and is a favored destination for Turks and Arabs in Istanbul for a wonderful shopping experience. It has approximately 145 upscale stores featuring top global brands. The mall consists of a ground floor, three upper floors, and two underground floors designated for parking. You’ll find diverse shops for clothing, shoes, accessories, and more. There are also areas for children’s entertainment and must-visit attractions like the bowling alley and the nearby Istanbul Aquarium.

Marmara Park Mall

One of the largest malls in Istanbul, it has four floors with around 250 stores. If you love fashion, Marmara Park is the place to find outfits from world-renowned brands. It also has many restaurants offering delicious meals and cinemas for movie lovers.

Galleria Mall Istanbul

Located in the Ataköy area on the European side, it mirrors the Galleria Mall in Texas, USA. Spanning around 78,000 square meters with about 130 stores, this mall is a modern and contemporary destination that continuously attracts tourists from around the world. Notable facilities include restaurants, cafes, cinemas, a bowling alley, and ice-skating rinks.

Forum Istanbul Mall

Opened in 2009, this mall quickly gained popularity due to being one of Europe’s largest shopping centers. Covering about 495,000 square meters with 300 stores, it offers various entertainment services like restaurants, cafes, and more. It’s a great place for shopping for clothing, gifts, art pieces, electronics, and appliances.

İstinye Park Mall

This modern and luxurious shopping destination in the Sarıyer area, one of Istanbul’s most upscale districts, attracts numerous tourists and locals annually. Opened in 2007, it spans 87,000 square meters with around 300 stores, including 41 major global brands. It features a retractable glass roof that opens and closes depending on the weather, 3600 parking spaces, 12 cinemas with the latest technologies, and various children's rides and famous restaurants and cafes.

Skyline Real Estate was with you on a tour of Istanbul's most important and luxurious malls. These malls are key to the city's tourism industry, an essential part of its economy, and vital for meeting residents' needs. They add vibrancy to the city and significantly impact the real estate sector, often raising property values in nearby areas.

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