Living in Saudi Arabia

May 10, 2024

العيش في السعودية

Saudi Arabia is one of the most desirable countries for many people around the world to live in, especially given its strong economy as an oil-rich nation. The abundance of job opportunities in the Kingdom encourages job seekers and investors alike to pack their bags and move to live there. In this article, with Sky Line Holding, we will explore the key points related to living in Saudi Arabia.

Benefits and Advantages of Living in Saudi Arabia

Economic Power

Saudi Arabia is characterized by its economic strength, being one of the largest oil-producing countries. This contributes to the continuous advancement of its economy.

Abundance of Opportunities

Among the benefits of living in Saudi Arabia is its distinction with abundant opportunities in various job sectors, notably the oil sector.

Quality Education

Educational institutions in the Kingdom strive to improve the quality of education, with prestigious universities and educational institutions offering unique learning opportunities in various fields.

Social Welfare

Saudi communities respect family values and encourage social cohesion, providing special care for families and youth, while promoting Islamic values ​​of solidarity and social cooperation.

Social Transformations

The Kingdom has witnessed significant changes, including expanding women's rights and their participation in various fields, from driving cars to active participation in the workforce.

Cultural Diversity

Thanks to individuals from different cultural backgrounds, Saudi Arabia fosters a climate of cultural diversity that enhances cultural exchange and mutual understanding.

Challenges and Drawbacks of Living in Saudi Arabia

Living in Saudi Arabia has many advantages, making it attractive to anyone seeking stability. However, there are also some challenges that potential residents may face:

Economic Dependency: All of the Kingdom's exports revolve around oil. However, as per Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia will rely on other resources as declared within the vision's objectives.

Climate: Saudi Arabia's weather is extremely hot, especially during the summer, which poses a clear challenge to those wishing to live in the country.

Cost of Living in Saudi Arabia

The cost of living in Saudi Arabia is not high compared to other countries. Housing costs range from 2000 to 4000 Saudi Riyals per month depending on the area. Private school fees range from 10,000 to 30,000 Saudi Riyals annually, while education in government schools is almost free. As for the cost of living per person, it ranges between 800 and 1500 Saudi Riyals per month.

Best Cities to Live in Saudi Arabia

If you are interested in residing in Saudi Arabia, we recommend considering these cities and provinces for residence:


Mecca enjoys a great status worldwide, especially as it houses the "Kaaba," making it a venerable religious destination.


Jeddah is one of the most important cities in the Kingdom, located on the Red Sea coast, making it a distinctive tourist destination.


Riyadh is one of the most desired cities for those living in Saudi Arabia, as it is the vibrant capital that encompasses all the elements and opportunities.


Medina is characterized by its historical significance and high status for Muslims, as it houses the Prophet's Mosque and many historical Islamic facilities.

Steps and Procedure for Moving to Live in Saudi Arabia

If you wish to move to live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you will need to take some steps and procedures, which include:

Obtaining a Visa:

It is essential to obtain an entry visa to Saudi Arabia. However, the individual must choose the type of visa that aligns with their purpose, whether for work or study, which will later enable them to obtain residency in the Kingdom.

Obtaining Residency:

A residency permit is necessary for individuals to live in Saudi Arabia. The duration of residency varies, and it may be possible to extend it.

In conclusion, in this article, we have learned about the key aspects of living in Saudi Arabia, whether in terms of the cost of living or the ways in which the Kingdom allows for visitation or residence. It is worth mentioning that Sky Line Holding is always ready to provide its services related to construction, real estate development, and facilitating access to investment opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a person need to live in Saudi Arabia?

The average monthly cost for a person to live in Saudi Arabia ranges between 800 and 1500 Saudi Riyals.

What are the advantages of living in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has strengths that encourage living in it, such as cultural diversity resulting from the different nationalities of residents, advanced education, and economic power.

How can one live in Saudi Arabia?

To be able to live in Saudi Arabia, you must obtain an entry visa regardless of its type, and then apply for residency permits.


العيش في السعودية
المعيشة في السعودية

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