Hail Province

March 29, 2024

hail province

Hail region was established in 1340 AH after the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the founder His Majesty King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud. This region is located in the northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and extends over an area of 128,588 square kilometers. The latest statistics put its population at close to 732,000. The emirate's headquarters are located in the center of Hail, the administrative and cultural capital of the region.

Cities and governorates of the region

The Hail region includes a group of governorates that belong to it within the administrative division of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and below we will learn about these governorates, starting from the city of Hail, which is the capital of the region.

Hail City

The city of Hail is located in the north of Saudi Arabia as the administrative capital and headquarters of the Emirate of Hail Region, and it is also a UNESCO registered site as a World Heritage Site. The city is the region's most populous and largest governorate in terms of area, known locally by nicknames such as "The Bride of the North" and "The Key to the Desert", and is known as the "cradle of Arab generosity". It includes natural and archaeological features, some of which date back to ancient historical periods.

Baqaa Governorate

Baqaa Governorate is located within the Emirate of Hail in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The governorate is characterized by its division into fourteen administrative centers and sixty villages, making it a vital center in the region. Baqaa's classification is characterized by being in category (A) among the governorates of the Hail region, and occupies an advanced position as one of the most prominent agricultural governorates in the Kingdom. This is due to the abundance of surface and groundwater available in it, which contributes to supporting agricultural activity and achieving self-sufficiency in agricultural production.

Al Ghazala Governorate

Al-Ghazala Governorate is one of the important Saudi governorates, located south of Hail and west of the famous Rumman Mountain, and is inhabited mainly by members of the Bani Tamim tribe. Al-Ghazala is mentioned in Wallan's book "Pictures from the North of Arabia", while Mozel described it in his book "North Najd" in 1951. Wallan, who visited it in 1846, also referred to it as the largest village in the region, and its borders extend to the province of Hanakiyah in the south, Aqla bin Jibreen in the north, the province of Khaybar in the west, and the Qassim region. Eastward.

Al Shanan Governorate

Al-Shanan Governorate is located in the east of the Hail region, and it belongs to the Emirate of Hail in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The governorate includes the town of Al-Shanan as an administrative headquarters, and administratively belongs to several centers, villages and desertions. Al-Shanan Governorate is classified under category (B) in the Hail region. 

 The population of the province is about 29,429.

Mawqaq Governorate

Mawqaq Governorate is located in the southwestern side of the city of Hail, with a distance of about 63 kilometers, and is considered an integral part of the Hail region in the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaThe population of the governorate is estimated at 16,835 people, consisting of 14,317 Saudi citizens and 2,518 non-Saudis.

Al Hait Preservation

Al-Hait Governorate is located in the heart of the Saudi Hail region, and is considered a category (A) of government departments, where the city of Al-Hait is its administrative capital, the population of the governorate reached 74,596 people, with a distribution indicating the presence of 66,017 Saudi citizens and 8,579 non-Saudis. It is mentioned in the geographical dictionary of the Arab countries by historian Hamad Al-Jasser, that the wall belongs to the villages of the Hail region, where it is characterized by the presence of an emirate followed by villages and manholes, and the inhabitants of the wall mainly belong to Bani Rashid in addition to some civilized families in the region.

Al Sulaimi Governorate

Al-Sulaimi Governorate belongs to the Emirate of Hail Region and is one of its governorates.

Al-Sulaimi is located in the southern side of the Hail region, only 80 km from its center, and is considered one of  the sparsely populated governorates, with a population of 17,343 people.

Ash Shamli Governorate

The North Governorate is about 171 km from the city of Hail and has an estimated population of 19,059 people, and this governorate is characterized by the inclusion of many archaeological sites in addition to containing  schools, universities and many other service facilities

Sumaira Governorate

One of the governorates of the Hail region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, located southeast of the region, about 132 km from the city of Hail, and its population is 19,563 people.


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امارة حائل
منطقة حائل
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