Fatih Mosque in Istanbul, beauty and civilization

February 15, 2024

Fatih Mosque in Istanbul

If you want to take a tour of one of the Turkish monuments, you must visit Fatih Mosque in Istanbul, this civilized edifice that dates back hundreds of years, is not a witness to the ingenuity of the urban design that was widespread in Istanbul Andak.

Through this article, we have prepared for you detailed information about the Fatih Mosque in Istanbul in terms of location and way to reach it, as well as an accurate description of the beauty of the architectural designs that were adopted when building and restoration, and we will also mention to you the most prominent activities that you can do when you visit this great edifice.

About Fatih Mosque in Istanbul

The Fatih Mosque in Istanbul, which was built during 7 years starting in 1463 AD, is one of the most beautiful archaeological and religious sites in Istanbul, but its current shape is not the same as the shape on which it was built, due to its exposure to the huge earthquake that struck Istanbul in 1766 AD, which led to the complete destruction of the mosque, and it was rebuilt by the architect Muhammad Tahir Agha on the orders of Sultan Mustafa III in 1767 AD.

The Fatih Mosque was also built in a completely different way than it was, and all that remained of the old mosque was the inner courtyard, which is surrounded by a portico covered by 22 domes carried by 18 columns, in addition to the mihrab.

Where is Al-Fatih Mosque located?

Fatih Mosque is located in the European section of Istanbul, in an area called Fatih Istanbul, and it is considered the greatest example of Turkish Islamic architecture in Istanbul, and the name of this mosque also goes back to the name of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, who conquered Constantinople in 1453, and it also includes in the section of the annex of the tomb of Fatih, may God be pleased with him.

How to get to Fatih Mosque?

You can use public transportation, of which buses are the most convenient, especially those that pass through the area of Eminonu and Fawzi Pasha, and also those that pass from Edirnekapi to Fawzi Pasha Street.

You can also reach the mosque by using the metrobus by getting off in Edirnekapi, and using one of the buses that run on the path of Fawzi Pasha, and to reach by metro, you can use the Yenikapı Kerazli metro and get off at the Omniyat station, and then walk on Ak Shams al-Din Street for about 10 minutes.

Architecture and design in Fatih Mosque Istanbul

The interior design of the Fatih Mosque in Istanbul is one of the works of the famous architect Sinan Agha, and he designed it similar to his previous designs that were widespread in his works and the work of many architectural designers in that era, as there are two minarets that are identical in shape and size.

The central dome is about 26 meters long, supported by four other small domes, and there is a strong marble column that supports each axis and each dome.

The sundial engraved on the stone is one of the most important monuments that attract attention in Fatih Mosque, and it was engraved on the minaret of the mosque from the direction of Fawzi Pasha Street, and it is one of the most beautiful models of sundials in history.

Al-Fatih Mosque is also characterized by the presence of a water well inside, which is designed in the form of a water stream within the construction of the mosque, and next to the main courtyard door of the mosque you find a fire water tank, which is surrounded by a fence and an iron grille, and this tank was used in the Ottoman era, and it was established in 1825 AD by the Ottoman Sultan Mahmoud II.

Interior Design of Al-Fatih Mosque

The main dome in Al-Fatih Mosque is located on 4 huge columns, and its diameter is 26 meters, and in talking about the mihrab, it is the same as the mihrab of the old building and the minbar, and the linear Baroque decorations are spread in the mosque.

The mosque has a special section for the Sultan that was built in the 18th century, and is dedicated to the prayer of sultans who allocate time for remembrance, reading the Qur'an and prayer, as well as special sections for women, and a room for the production of natural ink, as the lighting of the mosque before the existence of electricity depended on gas oil, and the smoke that rises from it through ventilation, and adheres in a special room to be extracted by calligraphers and converted into ink, with which they write the letters of the Holy Quran.

Things to do when visiting this mosque

If you have the opportunity to visit Fatih Mosque in Istanbul, here are the most important activities you can do:

  • At first, you can enjoy watching the design of the mosque from the outside and take the most wonderful photographs of this wonderful exterior design, which was created by the famous architect Sinan according to the Ottoman Islamic style.
  • You can also notice the most important features that Ottoman architecture is famous for, in terms of the multiplicity of domes and minarets for religious buildings in Turkey, where the Fatih Mosque Istanbul includes a huge central dome surrounded by 4 small domes and two minarets.
  • When you enter the mosque you will be amazed by the appearance of the huge marble columns, the carvings and decorations that adorn the walls, while the pulpit and ceilings are derived from the style of Baroque architecture.
  • If you want to see some of the ruins of the old Fatih Mosque, which preceded the demolition and reconstruction, you can visit the mihrab, which is the remains of the mosque's ruins before the earthquake in Istanbul.
  • There are many historical service buildings that surround the mosque building that you can take a quick tour of, which are 8 schools, a library, a hostel for travelers, a popular market, a house to feed the poor, as well as many of shrines.
  • You can also enjoy a delicious local meal at one of the Istanbul restaurants located near the mosque, such as Bab Al-Hara Restaurant, Al-Tahi Restaurant, Syrian Habak Restaurant and Medina Restaurant.
  • After you finish your tour of Al-Fatih Mosque and its surrounding buildings, you can also tour one of these streets:
  1. Dresses Street.
  2. Arab Street.
  3. Fatih Street, Istanbul.
  4. Fatih Bazaar.
  • Accommodation at Al Fatih Hotel next to the mosque, which embodies civilization, history and beauty, offers comfortable accommodation in rooms equipped with the latest TVs, free Wi-Fi and breakfast every morning.

Why is Fatih Mosque Istanbul a destination for the Arab community?

There are several reasons why Al-Fatih Mosque is an important destination for Arab communities in Turkey, and they are as follows:

  • The presence of a significant part of the Arab communities in the Fatih neighborhood, as well as Turkish citizens.
  • Feeling the spiritual atmosphere on many diverse religious occasions.
  • There are about 400 people from the finest leaders of the state at that time, such as the wife of the Fatih Sultan, ministers, leaders, writers and scholars, including:
  1. Muhammad Al-Fatih
  2. Khalil Enalcak
  3. Amina Golbhar Khatun

It is worth noting that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the opening of the tomb of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, after the completion of restoration operations that coincided with the 565th anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul, which remained resistant to Islamic conquests for several centuries.

In conclusion, we hope that we have provided you with everything you need to know about the Fatih Mosque in Istanbul, whether the location, designs and way to reach the mosque, and we have also put in your hands a group of activities that will benefit you during your tourist tour in the Fatih Mosque.

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Fatih Mosque in Istanbul
مسجد الفاتح في إسطنبول

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