Essential Information About Esenyurt Square

January 16, 2024

ميدان اسنيورت

Esenyurt Square has recently become one of the most well-known spots in Istanbul. Are you interested in learning more about it and the key details associated with it? At Skyline Real Estate, we have chosen to provide you with the most important information about this square through the following article. We will also highlight the significance of real estate ownership near it.

If this topic interests you, continue reading with us.

Location of Esenyurt Square

Esenyurt Square is located in the heart of the Esenyurt district in Istanbul. It is characterized by its bustling activity and notable density of shops and commercial centers.

Important Details About Esenyurt Square

Here are some key points to give you a broad idea about this square:

  • It is situated precisely in the center of the Esenyurt district.
  • You will be amazed by the harmonious blend of modernity and simplicity.
  • It is one of the most vibrant places you can visit in Istanbul.
  • It hosts many important markets and shops, including both Arab and Turkish stores.
  • The square is spacious, and at its center, you will find the Esenyurt Mosque.
  • Public transportation is readily available, facilitating visitor movement to and from the square.

What Will You Find at Esenyurt Square?

You might wonder about the tourist attractions you will find at this square if you decide to visit. Here are some of the key places you should visit:

The Central Mosque in Esenyurt

  • One of the most important mosques in Istanbul.
  • It has two floors and includes a library.
  • There are designated areas for reading.
  • Religious lessons are given there for women and children.
  • A special section has been allocated as a prayer area for women.
  • Due to the increasing population and the influx of foreigners and Arabs into the area, the mosque is being expanded to accommodate this density.

Metro Station

Did you know that the availability of public transportation in a place is a clear indication that it is suitable for living and real estate investment? Easy access to transportation means less time and effort to get around.

  • The presence of the new metro station will undoubtedly increase the investment value of the area.
  • Commercial activities in this square will rise, making it a preferred destination for tourists.
  • The metro connects the square and the area with other parts of the city, and property prices will also increase.

Syrian Market

Why is it called this name? Because the foreign nationals with Syrian citizenship were the first to open their shops there.

  • The market features a variety of shops and restaurants, giving the area an Arab character. Today, it is one of the preferred places for Arabs for living, investment, and shopping.
  • This market attracts hundreds of shoppers from various nationalities worldwide due to the quality, variety, and reasonable prices of the products it offers.
  • Additionally, there are many restaurants and cafes that serve Arabic, Eastern, and Western foods.

Restaurants in Esenyurt Square

Esenyurt Square is surrounded by numerous Turkish and Arabic restaurants that offer a variety of dishes and specialties, making it easy for visitors to find what they crave.

Hospitals and Educational Institutions Near This Square

Near this square, there are many hospitals and schools. Here are the most notable ones:

  • The nearest hospital to this square is the private (Esenjan) Hospital.
  • A 10-minute walk will get you to the government hospital.
  • There are many private clinics in Esenyurt specializing in different fields.
  • From this square, you can reach some of the city's most important universities in just a few minutes.
  • Nearby, there are key schools for all educational stages (primary, preparatory, and secondary).

Erdogan Park: The Closest Park to Esenyurt Square

You might not know that Esenyurt includes more than sixty parks for children.

  • There are many outstanding parks that residents of Istanbul use for recreation.
  • One of the most famous parks near the square is Erdogan Park, named after the current Turkish president.
  • It features vast green spaces and artificial waterfalls.
  • The park offers various activities like jogging and walking.
  • It was recently opened in 2016.
  • The park covers an area of about 76,877 square meters.

What About Real Estate in Esenyurt?

You might be curious about the real estate in this area, especially near Esenyurt Square. Is it a good option?

Many believe Esenyurt is not developed enough for property investment. However, the reality is different. The Turkish government has paid significant attention to this area, working to develop its infrastructure and increase the number of service facilities.

  • Real estate in this area is divided into two types: traditional, older properties and modern, contemporary residential complexes.
  • Esenyurt is witnessing numerous urban transformation projects.

Living Near Esenyurt Square

Many people looking for properties for sale in Istanbul choose to head to the Esenyurt area, especially near the square. Why?

  • Property prices in this area are cheaper compared to other regions.
  • There are many real estate offers with varying specifications to suit all tastes.
  • Some people prefer it due to its proximity to essential service facilities, hospitals, and schools.
  • Properties near Esenyurt Square offer a quiet and comfortable life.
  • Arabs are the most likely to prefer living and settling there.

Real Estate Prices in Esenyurt Square

If you want to buy properties near this square, you should look at the real estate prices in the area. Here's a breakdown:

Price per square meter inside residential complexes

Price per square meter outside residential complexes

Price of a 100 sqm apartment inside complexes

Price of a 100 sqm apartment outside complexes

$700 - $1500$500 - $1000$70,000 - $150,000$50,000 - $100,000

Property prices in Esenyurt near the square are expected to increase significantly in the coming period as it has become one of the main tourism hubs in the city, especially after the new metro was built and the demand for these properties increased.

By 2023, many changes are expected, driving many investors to turn to this area.

Advantages of Investing in Esenyurt Real Estate

Here are the main reasons why investors seek properties for sale in Esenyurt or nearby areas:

  • A significant increase in residential complexes.
  • Reasonable or moderate property prices.
  • High population density.
  • Apartments meeting global standards.
  • Proximity to vital projects (like the new airport and the new Istanbul Canal).
  • Close to Beylikdüzü and Başakşehir.
  • Close to major highways E-5 and E80.
  • Abundant public transportation linking it to the city center.

This is all the information we have about Esenyurt Square. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us. With our extensive experience in the Turkish real estate market, we provide the best investment opportunities in Esenyurt and beyond.


Esenyurt Square
ميدان اسنيورت

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